Monday, February 8, 2016

Sunday Refresh-February Week 2

One thing I am constantly struggling with is how to find the line between being structured and being flexible. Sometimes I can be so goal oriented that unless it is on a piece of paper I don't make time for it. I believe the result of my orderly personality is that I miss the parts of life that can really bring about joy. The best cure for this has been my family getting sick. Illness is the one thing I dread in my house. No one likes to feel bad or see their family struggle with feeling bad, but the benefit is that I am forced to go rouge. My list isn't going to get accomplished and I've learned it is okay. That is truly life. And the down time reminds me that God is the one truly in control of all that is around me. To rely on Him daily means I am accomplishing all that really needs to get done and that is where JOY comes from.

With this layout I kept things a little less busy. The floral print on the paper I felt was already busy and didn't want to overwhelm the layout with too much. I did think the flowers were a perfect reflection of what this week will be about as everything will be about red, pink, and flowers!!

I did a rock-n-roll technique on the stamp "love" that is on Valentine's Day using Pixie and Ruby.

All supplies used:

          X7201B-La Vie En Rose                    Simon Says Stamp-Plan On It

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