Friday, January 15, 2016

Valentine Bouquets

It has been a long time since I have really loved a stamp as much as I do the Beloved Bouquet by CTMH. The layered stamping really reminds me of stamps from when I began 8 years ago. So I also did something I rarely do which is just play. I got the stamp out and my favorite colors and just tried things out until I found the result I liked. I'll give you a little peek into my process.

     Pansy Purple (retired)
     Ponderosa Pine (retired)

     Second generation stamping: 
          Second generation stamping is a great technique to use with layered stamps so that you can use
          one color to create a beautiful image with depth. To achieve the lighter color with the same 
          tone you ink your stamp and apply it to the paper (1st generation). Then, without cleaning it off 
          stamp the image again, which will produce a lighter shade of the same tone. (2nd generation)

         Then you can stamp the detailed image on top of the solid image and it will appear darker and
         pop. Since you are having to stamp so much I advise making a lot at one time that way you 
         have options to choose from without having to start the process over again. As you can see I
         didn't use all of the flowers that I stamped because a couple didn't turn out very well.

     Layered stamping:
          If you don't do second generation you need a one color to be darker than the other so you can 
          see the detail of the flower. For example I used Fern (1st generation) and then went back with 
          the detail of the leaves with Ponderosa Pine. I try not to use retired colors but it was the only 
          darker shade I owned that would coordinate with Fern.

So the next thing I did was design the sentiment. I wanted to keep everything simple because the flowers are big and quite busy. I knew that I wanted to stamp the sentiment on a banner so I pulled out the Artistry Cricut Cartridge and cut a frame in Fern. I then cut the background banner in White Daisy and stamped the sentiment "Happy Valentine's Day" from the Beloved Bouquet in Eggplant and glued the two pieced together to form the banner. I then started to layout the card. I was a little surprised when I found out all of my pieces wouldn't fit on a standard A2 card so I decided to make a 5"x7" card and found a pack of gray envelopes from Hobby Lobby in my stash.  I then added a piece of Slate Cardstock to the card base to coordinate with my envelope and to take away a little of the white. I used a zip-top that was in the La Vie En Rose paper pack and put it centered behind the banner. Lastly, I adhered the banner with foam tape.


At this point I was pretty happy with my card except I felt that there was still too much white on the banner. I thought about adding a little bling from my stash, but I really didn't want to take away from the flowers. So I crossed my fingers and hoped that if I added a few lines by hand that I wouldn't hate it because I didn't want to have to recut/stamp the banner. Fortunately I really liked and was astonished that something so simple and subtle could make such a big difference. 

And since Beloved Bouquet is such an awesome stamp set it covers the inside sentiment as well as the front. I took the negative from the banner I cut for the front and stamped the sentiment and added one of the smaller flowers that I stamped when doing the second generation technique.    

I hope you like the card I made. Please feel free to purchase any of the items that you see on my website

Oh and another hint. While you are stamping with a stamp set go ahead and make extras especially if the creative juices are flowing. My mom's favorite flower is the yellow rose so I went ahead and stamped some Canary/Saffron flowers for a Mother's Day card. Of course I have a while to actually get that made so I will post pictures of the finished product later but, Beloved Bouquet is only available until January 31 and I didn't want you to miss out.

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