Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Blog Candy

Here's a little blog candy for those of you who are new to my blog. Anyone who becomes a follower will be entered in a drawing for Close to My Heart's Liquid Glass (z679). You can earn additional entries by Signing Up for my newsletter. And another entry for referring someone to my blog (your friend must put you name down in the "Referred by Field" in order for you to get an entry. Drawing for the winner will be May 1st so stay tuned to see who is the winner!

Liquid Glass is on the top of my list or products to own by Close To My Heart. I know your thinking that it isn't much to ask for, but I tell you, this stuff has so many uses:
-Permanent Adhesive
-Adding a little sparkle with glitter
-It dries with a glass look so you can add it to make rain drops
-A "little dab will do ya" so it last a really long time
-I actually use it instead of super glue to fix plastic toys around our house

So even if you don't win the contest I don't see how you can live without owning a bottle of Liquid Glass.

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